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M.Phil. (Statistics)

Master of Philosophy in Statistics

About Program

M.Phil. Statistics or Master of Philosophy in Statistics is a postgraduate Statistics course. Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of masses of numerical data. Statisticians collect, verify and interpret data and use the same to solve problems in a wide variety of fields. The services of a statistician are required in every field right from government offices to international sporting events. The M.Phil. involves a combination of course work and research training and is designed to extend the competence of candidates in their chosen discipline. The course offers a wide range of subject and will provide the qualitative skills and expertise required to carry out various types of econometric and statistical analyses. Student acquires the skills necessary to undertake applied and or Industrial projects and the ability to communicate the results of their work to wider audiences.

Program Duration

2 Semester

After Program